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Bernie Bro thinks Stalin’s gulags were a good thing, wants to put conservatives and liberal Democrats before firing squads.


Kyle Jurek, an organizer for the Bernie Sanders Campaign, holds some pretty interesting views. He believes that, once Bernie is elected President, all conservatives, liberal Democrats and other non-socialists will have to be sent to gulags for re-education and hard labor. Those who won’t come around should, in his view, be lined up against a wall and shot. He also calls for violence against people who voice unpopular opinions calling it a “consequences of free speech”.

This is the kind of extremist mentality that led to the socialist revolutions in the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, Venezuela, and many other nations, in the 20th century. None of those nations is better off under socialism. Luckily, the socialist extremists don’t have the numbers, weapons or training to make for a successful revolution, but they do have the ability to kill a lot of good people before they’re stopped. The best way to fight such madness is to remain vigilant and don’t be afraid to stand up to people like Mr. Jurek. Better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.

Original post link: Bernie Bro thinks Stalin’s gulags were a good thing, wants to put conservatives and liberal Democrats before firing squads.

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Stephen Robert Coss

I grew up in Burlington Vermont and lived there for 60+ years before I saw the light and moved to Florida…but I digress. He won the mayorship by 12 votes and most true Vermonters rue the day. He never lost another election after that. He has always pitted one group against another and he won by registering 100’s of college students (that IMHO shouldn’t have been allowed to vote in local elections). He has always been a revolutionary and preached socialism. It is no wonder he has collected some revolutionaries along the way. President Trump has showed us that you… Read more »


If this doesn’t wake up the complacent and (self)deluded people then maybe they need to experience Comrade Bernie as El Presidente for a few years.
The comments from Bernie’s staffer sent chills down my spine since I am the son of one who barely managed to escape from Communism in Europe.
I know the reality of socialism/communism: the 1 % – the party apex- rules the enslaved masses/proletariat.