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Vote for the top political events for the year 2019

Top 2019

Still, time to vote, repost - As the year 2019 winds down, we begin to look forward to what 2020 will bring. But for we do that, it might be useful to see what has happened this past year of 2019. So we have assembled our top political events of the year and present them here below. Of course, this is a fairly subjective exercise, and you may disagree with our list - if you have further thoughts, add to the comment section and we can look at adjusting this list as we go. But in any case, then go to the bottom of this list to vote for your top political events of the year 2019, and see others results

The case for Nationalism, Reject it at your own peril


Nationalism has become the longest four-letter word uttered in the media, particularly by news organizations rooted left of center. They routinely stain the term with shades of Nazism, xenophobia, thisaphobia, thataphobia, and when those don't sufficiently sully the idea of nationalism, they throw in whateveraphobia.  The great irony of their hatred for the construct of nationalism is that, without nationalism, our modern world would likely be devoid of all great human endeavor and advancement. Without the social, financial, and collaborative framework made possible by the existence of nations and the allegiance of people to them, the building blocks of science, mathematics, and art would have remained unassembled and formless. Imagine a world without Einstein's magical year of 1905, a Menlo park absent

Warrior’s Weekend in Texas, support our heros that defend our freedoms

Warriors Weekend

How do we support those that serve in the military for our country? They suffer physical injury and moral trauma as they fight in wars to protect us - while most of us are unaware of their efforts. If we send our soldiers to war, we also are responsible for welcoming them home and helping them heal. There are many such organizations that do just this, help our soldiers heal. Real Free Speech One would like to highlight one of these organizations - Warrior's Weekend - Texas. Founded in 2007, Warrior's Weekend - Texas is a non-profit, 501 (c) 3 Corporation dedicated to the support of veterans of The United States of America with an emphasis on those wounded in The

Flashback 1978: Star Trek’s Mr. Spock, Leonard Nimoy warns GLOBAL ICE AGE coming

Global Ice Age

Actor Leonard Nimoy (1931 - 2015), best known for his role as Mr. Spock, the logical half-Vulcan, half-human in the original iconic Star Trek TV series, inspired many to "go beyond where no man [one] has gone before." The first episode of Star Trek aired on Sept. 8, 1966. Just four days later, Pete Conrad and Dick Gordon would be lifting off for their Gemini 11 mission, which would orbit the earth 44 times in just under three days and set a then-unheard-of manned-altitude record. The role of Mr. Spock in Star Trek portrayed the voice of logic of the new scientific generation. Globalists needed two things to push their agenda. First, they needed a problem to solve. Something to rally and/or

The Marxist Plan to Destroy America

Marxist Plan

The "commies" are coming for America? Yeah, your joking, right? But I thought we defeated the evil USSR back in 1991, so why should we worry now? Well, it may be true that the USSR was defeated, or should we say they somewhat defeated themselves, the Marxist, communist, or socialist (communism-lite) ideologies lingers on. After all, the originators of these ideologies knew that the implementation would span the rises and falls of various state entities. In the 20th century, the world defeated "that" age of Marxist ideologies - both the communists and fascists (two peas in a pod). These ideologies are antithetical to our current Western Civilization that has been built and enjoyed. Unfortunately, Marxism is once again trying to raise its